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May 31, 2024

Vanderbilt Museum, Centerport, New York

Maggie’s Mission is hosting its Seven in Heaven Angelversary Gala honoring Maggie, her incredible spirit, and her unwavering love of children. Dust off those flower crowns, throw on your best white-ish boho chic outfit and step into a world that mirrors the vibrant spirit of the legendary Coachella Festival.

The stunning Vanderbilt Museum is immersed in vibrant colors, bohemian vibes, and a palpable sense of hope. As you enter the transformed space, you’ll be transported into a world of music, art, and love, reminiscent of the iconic festival that people look forward to all year round, without ever leaving the East Coast!

Proceeds from this event are dedicated to pediatric cancer research, treatment, and support services for affected children and their families. Bridgehampton Equities is a proud sponsor of this event. 

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