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Image by David Cashbaugh

About The Host & The Event

Who We Are

Bridgehampton Equities Founder Jason E. Zimmerman brings you the Bridgehampton Benefit, an annual celebrity-driven charity event. Jason E. Zimmerman, an avid philanthropist, has cultivated the Bridgehampton Benefit to promote humanitarian organizations and help to raise awareness for charitable institutions by organizing and hosting this exclusive charity event in the Hamptons.


Bridgehampton Benefit believes that giving connects humans to a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Planting even the tiniest seed of generosity has the potential to blossom into a miracle that could change someone else’s life. As leading investment experts Bridgehampton Equities believes if you invest your time and money to provide and support others your returns with being exponentially greater than your initial investment. Our analysts in the finance and real estate industry agree that kindness is priceless. It is invaluable. It can’t be weighed. It is an unmatched virtue and a basic moral duty of every human.


Compassion coupled with action gives mental, spiritual and emotional satisfaction. It provokes internal reflection and community awareness. Altruism is understanding other’s problems, their circumstances, and relating to them, realizing someone’s pain and helping them out... Every human being should have some moral and social responsibility.

What We Do

Bridgehampton Benefit picks a special charity partner each year to promote. In the past, BHB has worked with the Jack Brewer FoundationStarkey Hearing Foundation with 50 Cent, The Matter Foundation with Gene Simmons, Operation Rise Up with Carlos Beltran and the Long Island Council of Alcohol & Drug Dependency (LICADD).

Bridgehampton Benefit attendees positively impact the lives of underprivileged children and families throughout the world.  Be a part of creating miracles and changing lives. Your help subsequently changes the world. All donations go directly to the respective beneficiaries. To purchase tickets, click on the “Get Involved tab.”


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