This summer's August came and left in the wink of an eye. The Bridgehampton Benefit crew and its founder Jason E. Zimmerman worked incessantly for months to deliver an exclusive event to raise money to support the Starkey Hearing Foundation, The Needlers Foundation, and the Long island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. "It was no small task, and in retrospect, multiple lessons were learned" says Zimmerman, "but my crew did a tremendous job and our preparations for next year's event are already on their way and promises grandiosity! I reflect on August 6 and I want to first and foremost give thanks to key people who have helped make "A Night Under the Stars" an amazing party!"

Noë Brown and her team, Siobhan Naughton, Madison Hendricks, and Nick Locantro. Their hard work paid off in big ways but most importantly they were the four pillars which held the rooftop steadfast and solid through thick and thin. Outstanding individuals without whom none of it would have happened.

Geo Events - Giovanni is undoubtedly the best of the best. He came in and, under so much pressure, made magic happen, the stage, the sound system, the stars floating on the trotting arena's ceiling, the rooms for the models, the VIP sections with futuris-chic flair, the runway, the DJ's lair, the prodigious atmosphere! I will always book and recommend Geo Events from now on!

Heaps of thanks to all who helped: Adrian Guglielmo, Chris Mallardi, Brady Forseth, the Kevin Maple Salon, Jolanta Pilarz, Maritza Jimenez, Ian Duke and Scott Kampf.

Heaps of thanks to Bridgehampton Benefit for building a bridge between the Hamptons and the Gift of Hearing world, nothing is built without its contractors, builders and a solid foundation!